Readers occasionally note the brevity of the first Illuminatiam Testament, questioning the level of value to be found in a book that is written in an accessible manner. How can so many claim to experience such positive life changes by studying its words when others find it easy to understand?

Some are wiser than others. Some believe they are wiser but lack the perception to see that they are not.

It is important to remember that all people approach the precepts of the Illuminati at different levels of understanding. Many who read the Testament are learning concepts that have never been introduced to them before or have been mired in decades of inaccuracy.

Any of our documents made available to the public must be written in a way that all can understand, regardless of their level of wealth or education. All people require an introduction before they can understand deeper and more complicated subjects.

There are many steps on the Pyramid. Those who are ahead cannot fault those who are still behind, for they too began at the bottom and climbed the same steps toward the Light.

For further study, read Illuminatiam: Chapter 11

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