ILLUMINATIONS: Wisdom From This Planet's Greatest Minds

A crown,

golden in show,

is but a

wreath of



Do you desire to be a leader, or are you merely a seeker of the power and privileges that leaders command? The people may see their king upon a throne and wonder why one human is allowed to reign above another — believing that they are deserving of a life they believe to be easy.

But when war comes to their gates, will they have the courage to decide whose children must be sent to fight and die, and whose will stay and live? When the crown of a prince’s fathers and grandfathers adorns his head, will he be able to feed and defend his people or will he be a failure to the countless generations who led before him? When you answer to no one, no one answers your cries for help.

It is easy to strive for the benefits of power or wealth while overlooking their great responsibilities. If you are meant to be a leader, seek wisdom over riches. Those with power and no wisdom often lose it; those with wisdom and no power often gain it. ▲

The Illuminations are curated as a public service from the Department Of Citizen Outreach. By studying and sharing the words of world leaders, successful visionaries, acclaimed writers, and historical figures, humans from all walks of life can discover wisdom from this planet's greatest minds.


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