While the Illuminati endeavors to develop a harmonious society where the need for guns is eradicated, our organization has no interest in disarming a population that requires weapons to defend against its harm or demise. In a perfect world, there would be no need for guns – at this time, we do not live in a perfect world.

Guns and gun control are not the root of the problem but merely symptoms of the disease. Humanity is lost in the mist of this age of War – an age where one human will end the life of another member of its own species simply due to imbalance or emotion. Only the human is affected by this emotional disability that causes violence between those who are identical in biological mechanics but different in mental construct or physical appearance: skin color, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, geography, wealth, beauty, and other differences that do not affect the grand history of humankind as a whole. No other creature of Earth behaves in this way, slaughtering members of its own kind for reasons that matter nothing in 10 or 100 or 1,000 years.

While the science behind these centuries of subconscious misalignment would take dedicated textbooks to explain, understand that the human is not violent by nature. It is trained this way (even if unintentionally) by parents mired in generations of misinformation and lack of education: ancestors who breed descendants to share in their violent mental illness, which perpetuates entire generations who are convinced that their belief is right and all others are wrong, and any who disagree must suffer.

It is an illness that cannot be treated by medicine because it affects the human’s core subconscious and has become entrenched in the species’ genetic evolution. A framework for full eradication is not feasible at this time.

But there is hope. We have seen great success in our experimental campaigns in parts of Europe and North America. By exposing humans to subtle mental exercises embedded in popular media (movies, television, and similar broadcasts) we have seen great success in the reduction of violent tendencies and a marked increase in societal quality of life. These campaigns will soon expand to other continents, where similar experiments are already underway.

A bevy of our public campaigns focus on this specific imbalance in the human subconscious. But these are dangerous times, and caution is needed to protect one’s life, property, and the children and elderly of one’s community. In this age of War, many places are not as safe as others. In the swiftly-approaching age of Illuminatiam, the extinction of War will also end the need for weapons of death – but for many citizens at this time, guns are an essential means of defense against those who have not yet seen the Light. In such cases, the Illuminati has no interest in disarmament. ▲

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