The Illuminati Talisman

The Illuminati Talisman


Strikingly unique, the Illuminati Talisman is a symbol of humanity’s supreme purpose. Elite individuals of all types wear the Talisman as a mark of prestige and a global unity of the human species.


The Talisman’s universal influence cannot be underestimated. When facing important decisions, the Talisman reminds our members of the core Illuminati principles that guide their lives to greatness.

There are no formal oaths or vows required. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, believers, and non-believers wear the Talisman necklace as a sign of their commitment to the advancement of the human species.


The Mark Of The Illuminati

The Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, and the Eternal Circle that form the Illuminati’s insignia serve as reminders of concepts that have guided humans for millennia.

The Pyramid of the Illuminati

The Pyramid

Wealth & Success

The Eye of the Illuminati

The Eye

Protection & Progress

The Light of the Illuminati

The Light

Guidance & Direction

The Eternal Circle of the Illuminati

The Eternal Circle

Purpose & Meaning

Illuminati Mark Explained

In the busyness of life, it is easy to forget the lessons that have been learned and to lose sight of your goals. By wearing the Illuminati Talisman, our members find constant guidance in the messages of our symbols.

Join Our Global Unity

The Talisman is a beacon that helps identify others who follow the Light.


As you travel through life’s journey, you will discover others who have committed their lives to the protection of the human species. Wearing the Talisman makes your companions easier to find even amidst this planet’s darkest times.

The Illuminati Talisman

The Illuminati Talisman

1″ x 1″ metal plated in 24k gold. Includes a necklace chain. Item or chain may contain zinc and should not be worn underwater. Includes small parts and is not recommended for children.

DODIS - The Department Of Distribution

Illuminati items are available through our Department Of Distribution (DODIS), which manages the logistics for thousands of citizen requests every year. DODIS works with associates in over 140 countries to ensure worldwide delivery.

The prices of Illuminati items reflect the costs of their manufacturing and delivery to the citizens who request them. Proceeds from Illuminati items go to the designers, illustrators, editors, printers, and other associates involved in their production.

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